The process of learning transforms who you are. That experience is sometimes overwhelming and bewildering. An academic coach guides you through the myriad surprises to ensure you stay on track, learn more about yourself, and achieve the success you want. I recommend committing to weekly sessions in order to experience the full effect of academic coaching support.




Strong writing requires organization to express your ideas succinctly. Academia does not necessarily train us to do so.

  • Preparation for Comprehensive Exams
  • Dissertation Proposals
  • Dissertation Guidance and Coaching
  • Grant Applications – Research, Travel
  • Conference Presentations



In the competitive world of school entrance examinations, the application essay is a student’s chance to stand out from the crowd…in fewer than 500 words.

  • Graduate Application Essays
  • College Application Personal Essay
  • ACT Essay
  • Internship Applications

Here is one essay in a series that I wrote about the college application essay. Enjoy!



Writing challenges many students because they have not been shown how to break down the larger concept of “Writing.” Through the careful work of reading, I  show students how to differentiate between the three steps of writing–what I call explain/interpret/analyze. Depending on the needs of the particular student, writing exercises can be assigned for each session, or a piece can be developed together. $100/hour


A writing sample is requested with inquiries so that I can accurately judge the work required and provide an estimated fee.

“I sent Charlotte a fellowship application that would provide me the funding to complete a project on which I had been working for two years. She showed me areas that were unclear to someone less familiar with the project while also addressing grammar and style issues. Her corrections helped my application and I got the Fellowship, but her explanations showed me how to review my own writing.”JC, fellowship recipient

“I had written a personal statement for my graduate school application and asked Charlotte to review it. She pointed out places where the information, though interesting, deviated from the significance and relevance of my work background. Despite the incredibly short notice, she read and edited the document within the day and we had a phone conversation to discuss it late that night. I am now enjoying my first year in at a graduate school in the top five for my field.” CM, graduate student