I write about art, literature, education, and whatever peaks my interest. Here is a sampling recent works.

The Business of Art column for Artists Magazine

The Netiquette Solution.” Inside Higher Ed. January 31, 2017.

To Solve the Skills Gap in Hiring, Create Expectations in the Classroom.” Chronicle of Higher Education. February 7, 2016.

Shaping the College Application Essay: A 4-Part Series” The Central Park Tutors Journal. November – December 2015.

Art Story.” Brooklyn Rail. November (2014), 40.

The Graduate’s Odyssey.” The College. Summer (2013), 15.



From Composition to Career Success: How Classroom Lessons Impact Your Future Life. Peter Lang Publishers. Forthcoming.

From Composition to Career Success: How Classroom Lessons Impact Your Future Life explains why Composition classes provide vital skills to students’ long term job success. It speaks to students, explaining how the writing and preparation work of the class will help them long term. It is also meant for instructors who want to make writing relevant. As people wonder about the value of a liberal arts education, and question whether colleges and universities are truly preparing students for the workforce, this book challenges those arguments by pointing out exactly how classroom policies and writing assignments apply beyond school walls, ensuring students graduate with the skills necessary for the evolving workplace of the 21st century and this book .

Academic Articles

“The Visual Culture of ‘If You See Something, Say Something’.” Affect Theory and Rhetorical Persuasion in Mass Media. Ed. Lei Zhang. Routledge. Forthcoming.

Book Review of “Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Literary Studies.” Interdisciplinary Humanities. Forthcoming.

“Poetry and Politics in Clark’s The Sight of Death.Word & Image. Forthcoming.

2016 “Ways of Seeing Williams’ “Pictures from Brueghel.” William Carlos Williams Review 32:1-2, 66-80.

2015 “Cuts to Support: Considering Fontana’s Spatial Concept: Waiting (1960).” Journal of Visual Culture. 14:2, 256-60.

2015 Book Review of Capital Culture: J. Carter Brown, the National Gallery of Art, and the Reinvention of the Museum Experience. Journal of Curatorial Studies. 4:2, 344-6.

2015 Book Review of “The Armory Show at 100: Modernism and Revolution.” Journal of Curatorial Studies 4:1, 196-8.

2014 “Remapping the Viewer’s Experience with Alighiero e Boetti’s Mappa del Mondo.English Language Notes 52:1, 197-206.

Essay Collections

2015 “Surveying and Being Surveyed: Gendered Insights in John Berger’s Ways of Seeing.” On John Berger: Telling Stories. Ed. Ralf Hertel and David Malcolm. Amsterdam, New York: Brill Publishing. 211-232.

2014 “Displaced Knowledge: The Language of Borders in the Surrealist Leonora Carrington’s Down Below.” Displaced Women: Narratives of Migration in Europe. Ed. Lucia Aiello, Joy Charnley, and Mariangela Palladino. United Kingdom: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, April. 133-148. [Published as Charlotte Latham]



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